The alternative to conventional smoking is called CleanSmoke: harmless without ash and tar, but with the same taste. Smoke production and application are sustainable from start to finish. As a result, the CleanSmoke smoking process supports nine of the EU’s 17 sustainability goals.

The CleanSmoke Coalition, which was founded specifically for this purpose, is entering into a dialog with the media, retailers and manufacturers in order to establish the modern process internationally. After five years of intensive cooperation with national and European environmental and food institutions, CleanSmoke is increasingly becoming the benchmark for responsible smoking. The process is being used by more and more producers as part of their sustainable transformation: By local butchers who are committed to clean air and by larger companies who want to use CleanSmoke as the most sustainable smoking technique. And for that, the process has won awards: It is considered Best Available Technique for the environment.

crossrelations looks after the members and manages international marketing with politicians, the media and manufacturers. The highlight was the annual international CleanSmoke Coalition Congress for trade, manufacturers, technology, and science.