Customer needs and demands change just as dynamically as products and services. Brands need to recognize their responsibility. One new and persistent need is climate protection. Two thirds of people in Germany want to actively protect the climate and live more consciously. In doing so, they also verbalize what they expect from manufacturers and retailers: Ideas for active environmental and resource protection and transparency in the supply chain.

Consumers appreciate when companies take on social responsibility. But they are just as quick to turn away from a brand if a story is exaggerated or even misleadingly false. In order to survive in such a competitive field, a strong, authentic brand and strategic communication are required.

crossrelations develops creative and sales-oriented communication measures. We have product know-how that is specific to the industry and the market, experience in building and maintaining brand images and in providing communicative support for sales and distribution strategies.

A heartfelt ‘Together’ becomes an important part of the brand promise. Because it takes these responsible companies to use their influence to reduce greenhouse gases. And lifestyle and responsibility are by no means mutually exclusive – they complement each other for the greatest possible impact.


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