Das Bild ist zweigeteilt und zeigt beide Standorte von crossrelations. Auf der einen Seite ist der Innenhafen von Duisburg zu sehen, auf der anderen die Frankfurter Skyline vom Main.

crossrelations is both agency name and mission statement. We cross communication boundaries as we connect high-impact campaigns across all channels. Our goal: Achieving change towards a climate-neutral and sustainable way of life. This requires openness, transparency and a constant dialog about ideas and solutions.

At crossrelations we think creatively and work reliably wherever the perfect implementation of a communication task is needed. This, we have proven many times: in successful campaigns and communication solutions that educate and change behavior.

We support companies and institutions traversing the difficult terrain of responsibility issues. We have the expertise and the necessary value compass to successfully shape change. This creates the trust that successful transformation urgently needs.

Porträt von Andreas Severin, Geschäftsführer von crossrelations.

Crossing borders in a career sense – from science to communications – Andreas Severin turned the communicative field on its head and aligned means of communication with the goals of value creation. In doing so, his focus has always been on the trust capital of companies. He is recognized across industries for his expertise in sustainability and is familiar with the specific stakeholder environments. His expansive network keeps him involved in ongoing discussions in the fields of CSR and sustainability and facilitates a wide range of collaborations. In the food industry, his advice is particularly sought after in dealing with urgent food crises and product recalls.

Porträt von Jörg Middelkamp, Geschäftsführer von crossrelations.

Jörg Middelkamp uses all available tools to achieve the greatest possible impact with integrated campaigns. He has proven this in both marketing and PR agencies – for brands, companies and associations. His mission now is to achieve the same impact adressing the challenges of climate change.
This requires a clever idea, accompanied by assertive campaigns that work consistently on every channel: Print or digital, directly or in cooperation with opinion leaders and partners.

Career at crossrelations

Orange is our home, green our passion. We are always looking for new trailblazers, storytellers, strategists, and creatives to join us on our journey. Together, we tell compelling stories about the world we want to live in.

Are you passionate about the future and responsibility issues? Then the orange of crossrelations can become your new home, too – as an intern, trainee or consultant. We want you to settle quickly in your new environment, to grow and to accompany us for as long as possible. That’s why we set you up for everyday consulting life in our crossacademy-program. As a team, we will deepen our knowledge of our craft, the topic of sustainability or your personal development, so that you can provide convincing advice to your own customers. You will notice how quickly you can grow into responsibility and how quickly you can share your recommendations confidently and independently. And what could be better than consulting others on taking a step towards a better world every day?

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