A minor contamination. A missing bold print in the declaration. Foreign objects. A food warning is released or ordered by the authorities? Then the clock is now ticking.

As in the case of our exemplary anonymous customer. During an in-house inspection, a product is found to be contaminated with Listeria moncytogenes. In consultation with the authorities, the company decides to immediately recall the “ready-to-eat” product from the market. Within four hours, we coordinated a recall statement with all parties involved and set up a hotline for consumers and the media. Shortly after publication, a public media outlet picked up on the recall in the context of a frame story. Fragmentary facts pose the threat of prejudgment. The company is confident and decides on a forward strategy. It opens its state-of-the-art production facility to the media and lets its customers partake. At the same time, it pushes ahead with the validation of its hygiene status by an external laboratory. The company has a substantial Facebook community and a lot of likeability among customers. After a successful recall from the shelves and renewed release of the production by the authorities, the customers show understanding and solidarity.

Our consultants have many years of experience with product crises and product recalls. In the event of a recall, we can provide support in a variety of ways. We know what has to be done. Our goal is always to give our customers room to maneuver and to help them quickly overcome the crisis by communicative means.