Ein silberfarbener Allesschneider der Firma Graef steht auf einer Holztheke. Dahinter steht ein Mamorbrett mit Honigmelone mit frisch geschnittenem Seranoschinken.


For the renaissance of the all-in-one slicer, we designed “SlicedKitchen – The Kitchen of Fine Cuts” and staged it with the themes of enjoyment, creativity, and a sustainable household. Through new thematic focuses, the kitchen classic thus became a tool with zeitgeist.

No Food Waste
Since then, a study has proven the sustainable benefits of an all-purpose slicer: Bought in one piece and cut only when needed, bread and deli meats stay fresh up to the last slice. That means: less food waste and less packaging waste. The recommendations were published in a storage ABC which highlighted the correct storage of different foods for maximal freshness.

We present the new brand world and the sustainability claim in an e-magalog, at the point of sale, in social media and in a public campaign together with the Burda Verlag.