Vier Kumpel beugen sich Arm in Arm über die Kamera. Dort steht der Slogan " Wir sind echte Kumpel". In einer Unterzeile wird für Arbeitssicherheit geworben.


The occupational safety campaign stages the company’s own employees as actors in a new understanding of safety. The “miner’s honor” became the central theme of behavior-oriented communication via posters, videos, and experience rooms.

An associated training program, media support in form of the employee magazine “Steinkohle”, and a direct approach made the campaign a success. As early as 2017, the already low accident rate fell to a historic level.

German PR Award “Internal Communication”

For this, we won the Occupational Safety Award, the sponsorship award of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association German PR Award “Internal Communication, Change and Transformation”.

In addition, the film on the occupational safety campaign was presented to the audience at the International Media Festival for Prevention in Singapore.