Smart Quart

“Smart City”, the “intelligent, sustainable city” has been a major topic in politics and urban development for several years and is also increasingly fascinating citizens. Following initial model projects in international metropolises, the concept is now also gaining momentum in Germany. Smart city transformations are now going hand in hand with the energy and mobility turnaround and combining these with major development leaps in urban digitization. The city of the future should not only offer its residents quality of life through comfort and innovation, but also come with a particularly effective eco-balance. The SmartQuart project launched in 2020 by a consortium led by Innogy (now E.ON) goes one step further. The central concept here is that energy produced on site is consumed across quarters by means of sector coupling. In this way, excess energy can be transferred from one neighborhood to another and used there.

The first project of its kind, the “Reallabor der Energiewende,” is a groundbreaking concept and a funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK). Here, sustainable energy technologies are deployed and tested under real conditions and on an industrial scale.

Together with our partners from raumHOCH, we provide support in ensuring that external communication also meets the expectations of transparency and participation, while also keeping the fascination for the “city of the future” alive.