“Look out for your buddy”.

After receiving the price called “Förderpreis der Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und Chemische Industrie (BG RCI)” in the category “Prevention Culture” in 2017, the “Deutscher Arbeitsschutzpreis 2017” and the presentation at the World Congress “Safety & Health at Work 2017” in Singapore, our occupational safety campaign “SAFETY! – Think before you start.” developed with RAG has now also won the “International German PR Award 2018” in the category “Internal Communication, Change and Transformation”. With the help of the three-year campaign, the accident rate at RAG was reduced to a historic low after just one year and the miners’ work was made even a little safer.

In addition, the OSH campaign film was presented to the audience at the International Media Festival for Prevention in Singapore. You can see the film at the bottom of the German article.

There is such an incredible amount of heart and soul and commitment from everyone involved in this campaign that one can only say: This campaign deserves it! We are very pleased.