CSR reporting requirements

Reporting and communications managers are in a holding pattern. It’s 2017 and as of March, sustainability reporting is finally supposed to be regulated by law. But have all the ambiguities been removed?

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“We are somewhat optimistic”

In an interview with Sabine Content from the Global Reporting Initiative, we talk about the changes in the new G4 guidelines, new features in reporting practices and whether new always means better.

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Integrated Reporting

In 2014, the International Reporting Council (IIRC) paved the way for integrated corporate reporting with a framework concept. We took a look at the response and the reasons behind it.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

About ten years ago, the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entered the European sustainability debate and is often used synonymously. But there is an important difference.

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CSR – Made in Germany

In October 2010, the German government adopted the national strategy on corporate social responsibility. In this context the government presented the so-called CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) action plan.

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